Manifesto Analysis

The manifestos of political parties are those plans, programmes and broad policy directions of a political party where they commit to implement them in order to get the votes to get into power during general elections.

The manifestos are released during the election year in Pakistan. It is a benchmark document that would eventually provide a basis for evaluating the party’s performance in the government. The electorates in democratic politics naturally expect a political party would present its manifesto to the people because they would like to look at the future programmes and policies, that the party plans to implement if it is voted into power. People need to look into a formal plan and commitment through which they can look into for voting and which is not rhetoric but based on a formal commitment that a manifesto can bring.

This section contains the proposed policies and commitments towards women, transgender, minorities, and persons with disabilities contained in the 2018 electoral manifestoes of the PML-N, PPP, PTI, ANP and Jamat e Islami.

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