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About Women in Elections – WIE

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) with the support of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has developed a central online portal for women in elections that is interactive and provides a one-stop destination for information that pertains specifically to women’s rights and electoral and political participation. This online resource (launched in March 2020) aims to help multidimensional stakeholders ranging from women, researchers, journalists, academia, and politicians to overcome challenges they face when trying to access reliable, neutral, and informative voter and civic information.

The ‘WIE’ website is housed on the PakVoter portal. Developed in partnership with CPDI and IFES, PakVoter (launched before the 2013 General Elections) is the first online forum to provide impartial information on Pakistan’s elections and is a trusted resource on elections and electoral processes throughout Pakistan. Additionally, PakVoter uses a life-span approach targeting all age groups and segments of the society, as well as utilizing an accessible platform that enables people with disabilities to have control over certain website components, such as increasing the text size and changing the background color for easier readability.

“WIE” includes statistics on women in elections in Pakistan; information on women’s quotas at all stages of an elected government; messages related to the importance of democratic participation; and women-focused voter information that highlights key information need in order to register for their national identity card and cast a ballot on Election Day.

WIE is all about becoming an information house for empowering women in elections.
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If you wanted to write on issues related to gender mainstreaming, political inclusion of women, democracy, or any theme related to civic/political education, then WIE is a platform for you. Share your voice with us. Write a blog and send at wie@pakvoter.org WIE will publish your work here.

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