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NewspaperDateNews HeadingDistrictProvincePolitical PartyCategoryNews Link
Express TribuneJune 30, 2021Pakistan has 12.4m more male votersIslamabadNoneNoneElections
Daily TimesJune 29, 2021KP govt to provide Rs150m interest free loans to women associated with SMEsPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIEconomic Empowerment
Urdu PointJune 28, 2021People Urged To Register Their Votes Before LBs Polls: Kamran Khan BangashPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTILocal Government
DNDJune 26, 2021Women Journalists demand gender audit in all media housesIslamabadNoneNoneWomen Rights
The NewsJune 23, 2021EC assures transgenders participation in LG pollsPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaNoneTransgender Rights
The NewsJune 16, 2021Women police and VAWGNoneNoneNoneGender Based Violence
Associated Press of PakistanMay 25, 2021Women’s welfare, protection top priority of govt.: MazariIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Empowerment
Daily TimesMay 24, 2021To be a FeministNoneNoneNoneWomen Empowerment
Associated Press of PakistanMay 21, 2021IGP launches helpline to rescue victims of gender-based violenceIslamabadNoneNoneWomen Empowerment
The NewsMay 18, 2021Voice for democracyNoneNoneNoneWomen Empowerment
Daily TimesApril 30, 2021Concerns at political parties’ minority wingsFaisalabadPunjabNoneHuman Rights
The NationApril 29, 2021Female economic participation plummeting in PakistanNoneNoneNoneWomen Empowerment
Express TribuneApril 29, 2021Gender gap in electoral role widens to 10.4%IslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NewsApril 24, 2021Financial inclusion and women’s integrationNoneNoneNoneEconomic Empowerment
DawnApril 23, 2021The Covid pandemic is a gendered crisis but the media is ignoring thatNoneNoneNoneCovid-19
Business RecorderApril 20, 2021Sania Nishtar briefs Finance Minister on Ehsas programmeIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Empowerment
The NewsApril 14, 2021Reading the gender reportNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
The NationApril 13, 2021Give maximum representation to women, NA panel asks parties"IslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NationMarch 28, 2021Welfare of women govt’s top priority, says Shehla RazaHyderabadSindhPPPWomen Rights
The NewsMarch 27, 2021MPAs pledge to fight violence against womenLahorePunjabNoneWomen Rights
DawnMarch 26, 2021Transgender persons seek govt jobsPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaNoneHuman Rights
Express TribuneMarch 24, 2021Pakistan firmly believes in women empowerment, gender equality, says Shireen MazariLahorePunjabPTIWomen Rights
Associated Press of PakistanMarch 23, 2021Country’s development linked with women’s full, responsible role: PresidentIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Empowerment
DawnMarch 15, 2021Need stressed for women empowermentQuettaBalochistanNoneWomen Empowerment
The NationMarch 12, 2021Govt taking steps to enhance women’s role in upliftIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Empowerment
Samaa NewsMarch 11, 2021In Pakistan, women politicians struggle for nominations to men’s seatsNoneNoneNoneElections
The NationMarch 10, 2021Ehsaas program dedicated to foster women full participation in society: Sania NishtarNoneNonePTIWomen Empowerment
DawnMarch 10, 2021Minister promises early legislation against child marriagesPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaNoneHuman Rights
DawnFebruary 28, 2021PPP to field women, youth in local body electionsMansehraKhyber PakhtunkhwaPPPElections
The NewsFebruary 28, 2021Early LG polls, increase in women’s representation demandedLahorePunjabNoneElections
DawnFebruary 28, 2021Economy, not cultureNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
Daily TimesFebruary 27, 2021Balochistan govt enacts significant legislation to provide enabling environment to womenQuettaBalochistanBAAPWomen Empowerment
Express TribuneFebruary 27, 2021Implementation of women agricultural workers law stressedKarachiSindhNoneWomen Empowerment
Business RecorderFebruary 26, 2021Nepra chairman launches KE’s women ambassadors programmeKarachiSindhNoneWomen Empowerment
Daily TimesFebruary 25, 2021Let us play — politics of hopeNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
Pakistan ObserverFebruary 24, 2021KP to notify legislation on domestic violencePeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Empowerment
Pakistan TodayFebruary 24, 2021PTI, PML-N candidates win women seats, revised candidates list releasedNoneNoneNoneElections
The NewsFebruary 24, 2021Lawmakers vow to strengthen pro-women laws implementationPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Rights
The NationFebruary 24, 2021Two reserved seats of Senate for women left uncontested by PTI, PML(N)NoneNoneNoneElections
Daily TimesFebruary 23, 2021EU ambassador calls for inclusion of women in mainstream trade activityNoneNoneNoneWomen Empowerment
The NewsFebruary 21, 2021Govt working to improve lives of disabled women, children: ministerMansehraKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Empowerment
Daily TimesFebruary 20, 2021When empowerment is crime!NoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
Express TribuneFebruary 14, 2021Call for implementing pro-women legislationNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
The NewsFebruary 13, 2021National Women Day: Gender mainstreaming suggested to address violence against women issuePeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaNoneWomen Rights
The NewsFebruary 13, 2021Govt making all-out efforts for women empowerment, says commissionerKarachiSindhPPPWomen Empowerment
The NewsFebruary 10, 2021Shrinking space for gender rightsNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
The NewsJanuary 26, 2021Sania Nishtar asks students to benefit from Ehsaas ScholarshipMardanKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Empowerment
The NationJanuary 26, 2021Awareness drive on harassment of women in DIK from tomorrowPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Empowerment
Radio PakistanJanuary 24, 2021Ehsaas to establish Women Empowerment Center in South WaziristanSouth WaziristanKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Empowerment
ARY NewsJanuary 23, 2021PM Khan lauds women parliamentarians’ role in solving problems of massesIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIPolitics
Pakistan TodayJanuary 21, 2021KP announces district committees for implementation of harassment actPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Empowerment
The NewsJanuary 20, 2021Parliamentary panel to consider electoral reformsNoneNonePTIElections
Daily TimesJanuary 14, 2021Gender inequalities further amplified by Covid-19 in PakistanNoneNoneNoneCovid-19
DawnJanuary 7, 2021ECP asks scrutiny committee to meet thrice a weekNoneNoneNoneElections
Daily TimesJanuary 7, 2021Govt to launch women’s rights campaign to spread awareness in rural areasIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Empowerment
The NewsDecember 28, 2020Rights for womenIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Empowerment
DawnDecember 28, 2020104 constituencies have gender gap of over 50,000IslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
Express TribuneDecember 25, 2020Consider including women in voters’ list: SCKarachiSindhNoneElections
DawnDecember 24, 2020Pro-women laws must be implemented: presidentIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Empowerment
Express TribuneDecember 24, 2020They kept us safe by risking their own livesKarachiSindhNoneCovid-19
Associated Press of PakistanDecember 21, 2020ECP issues voters details on constituency-wise gender gapIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
Express TribuneDecember 15, 2020A change without women?NoneNoneNonePolitics
The NewsDecember 13, 2020Call to increase women’s seats in Local Government pollsLahorePunjabNoneElections
The NationDecember 12, 2020Women votersIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NewsDecember 11, 2020Police have a small number of women in service, laments Shehla RazaKarachiSindhPPPGender Based Violence
Daily TimesDecember 11, 2020Balochistan launches Gender Equality & Women Empowerment Policy 2020-2024 on Human Rights DayQuettaBalochistanBAPGender Based Violence
Associated Press of PakistanDecember 10, 2020Overcoming gaps in legislation, implementation critical to protect, uphold human rights, says Shireen MazariIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIGender Based Violence
Express TribuneDecember 09, 2020Voter gender gap widens in 21 districtsIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NationNovember 26, 2020MoHR launches 16-day activism campaign on women’s fundamental rightsIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneGender Based Violence
DawnNovember 25, 2020Sania Nishtar among BBC’s 100 womenIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
The NationNovember 25, 2020Bilawal concerned over growing crimes against womenIslamabadFederal CapitalPPPGender Based Violence
The NationNovember 25, 2020Speaker, MPs vow actions to free Pakistan from violence against womenNoneNoneNoneGender Based Violence
The NewsNovember 16, 2020Women fail to grab a single seat in Gilgit Baltistan Elections 2020SkarduGilgit BaltistanNoneElections
Daily TimesNovember 15, 2020PTI govt has empowered women of Gilgit Baltistan: NiloferSkarduGilgit BaltistanPTIElections
The NewsNovember 15, 2020Women in PoliticsNoneNoneNonePolitics
The NewsNovember 14, 2020Women’s charter of demandsNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
Express TribuneNovember 11, 2020Only 4 female candidates to contest G-B electionSkarduGilgit BaltistanNoneElections
The NewsOctober 16, 2020Voter gender gap serious challenge, says CECIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
Business RecorderOctober 12, 2020Voter gender gapIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NewsOctober 09, 2020Women in PoliticsIslamabadFederal CapitalNonePolitics
The NationOctober 02, 2020ECP releases final voter lists, registered voters cross 115.74m in PakistanIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
Daily TimesOctober 08, 2020PTI concerned over increasing cases of violence against womenPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIPolitics
DawnOctober 26, 2020Women’s voteIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
DawnOctober 23, 2020Nine districts account for over 3m voter gender gapIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NewsSeptember 17, 2020The fight for equalityNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
Associated Press of PakistanSeptember 15, 2020Report launched to identify legislative gaps for ending violence against womenIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Rights
Express TribuneSeptember 15, 2020For women in politics, Pakistan still lags behindKarachiSindhNonePolitics
The NationSeptember 15, 2020Finally, new law comes out to secure women’s inheritanceIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Rights
Express TribuneSeptember 13, 2020Feminisation of law and judiciary in PakistanNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
The NewsSeptember 12, 2020Child protection desk to be established at PIMSIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
The NationSeptember 10, 2020Adeela made PTI Insaf Women Wing deputy secretary mediaIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIPolitics
Express TribuneSeptember 10, 2020Women's role in journalism, politics laudedPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaNonePolitics
The NationSeptember 10, 2020Quaid-i-Azam favoured extending equal representation to womenMultanPunjabPTIPolitics
DND NewsSeptember 08, 2020Ex-PML-N Women Wing President GB Sonia Muqaddam joins PTIIslamabadFederal CapitalNonePolitics
The NationSeptember 06, 2020President pushes for daughters’ right in inheritanceIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
DawnSeptember 06, 2020Woman journalist shot dead in Balochistan's TurbatTurbatBalochistanNoneGender Based Violence
Pakistan TodaySeptember 06, 2020KP craftswomen find empowerment through online businessesPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Rights
DawnSeptember 04, 2020Govt has enacted laws to safeguard property rights of women: ministerIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
The NewsSeptember 03, 2020MoHR plans small business projects for womenIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
Daily TimesSeptember 01, 2020Nawaz Sharif should return, face corruption cases: PTIPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIPolitics
Express TribuneAugust 29, 2020Gap between male, female voters widensIslamabadFederal CapitalNonePolitics
The NewsAugust 25, 2020Adjournment motion in PALahorePunjabPML NPolitics
Daily TimesAugust 24, 2020Sehat Insaf Card for entire KP a landmark step: says ToruPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIPolitics
Technology Times PakistanAugust 22, 2020Women And Girls Are More Vulnerable To Climate ChangeNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
DNDAugust 21, 2020Human Rights Ministry Hosts Webinar on “Challenging Gender Norms: The Path to Female Empowerment”IslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Rights
The NewsAugust 20, 2020Covid-19 and genderNoneNoneNoneGender Based Violence
Pakistan TodayAugust 18, 2020NA committee takes up issue of harassment of women journalistsIslamabadFederal CapitalPPPWomen Rights
Express TribuneAugust 18, 2020Law on the anvil to protect womenPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Rights
Express TribuneAugust 14, 2020Women’s economic empowermentNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
DawnAugust 14, 2020Child labour on increase in ChitralChitralKhyber PakhtunkhwaNoneChild Rights
The NationAugust 13, 2020Honour killing claims two lives in JacobabadJacobabadSindhNoneGender Based Violence
The NewsAugust 11, 2020‘Violence against women, child abuse on the rise’LahorePunjabNoneWomen and Child Rights
DawnAugust 08, 2020Ex-Fata to get first child court todayMohmandKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIChild Rights
The NewsAugust 06, 202061pc of Ehsaas Emergency Cash disbursements given to womenIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen in Pandemic
DawnAugust 05, 2020Child Domestic Labour banned in IslamabnadIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)August 03, 2020PTI Leaders Pledge to ensure Equal Rights for Women in Naya PakistanIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
The NewsJuly 29, 2020PPP moves domestic violence 2020 bill in SenateIslamabadFederal CapitalPPPWomen Rights
The NationJuly 28, 2020Empowering women key to sustainable development: DarIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
Express TribuneJuly 28, 2020Swat varsity’s women campus to be set upPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Rights
Daily TimesJuly 21, 2020MoHR launching child abuse awareness campaignIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
DawnJuly 19, 2020Gender gap in voters climbs to 12.72mIslamabadFederal CapitalNonePolitics
DawnJuly 17, 2020Jirga demands uplift of Torghar womenMansehraKhyber PakhtunkhwaNoneWomen Rights
The NewsJuly 14, 2020PTI women empowerment meeting discusses various issuesIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
The NationJuly 14, 2020Why there's less contribution of women in boosting economy (Opinion)NoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
Business RecorderJuly 11, 2020Women empowerment programme launched in KPPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIWomen Rights
The NewsJuly 09, 2020Domestic violence bill presented in NAIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIGender Based Violence
Daily TimesJuly 06, 2020Women’s Political Participation in Upcoming Local Government ElectionsIslamabadFederal CapitalNonePolitics
Express TribuneJuly 04, 2020K-P’s forsaken Child Protection UnitsPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIChild Rights
The NewsJuly 03, 2020NCSW, UN Women Pakistan initiate development of National Gender Data PortalNoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
DawnJuly 03, 2020In a first, all provinces get one woman district poll commissionerNoneNoneNonePolitics
DawnJune 30, 2020Nigar Johar becomes Pakistan Army's first female lieutenant generalIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Rights
Daily TimesJune 29, 2020Khawajasara and Hijra as Third Gender and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal’s (UNSDG’s) in PakistanNoneNoneNoneTransgender Rights
DawnJune 28, 2020PTI women activists asked to work for uplift of their genderLower DirKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIPolitics
The NewsJune 22, 2020Benazir’s 67th birth anniversary: Bilawal pays tribute to Pakistani womenIslamabadFederal CapitalPPPWomen Rights
Express TribuneJune 16, 2020Budget 2020-21 worst example of isolating womenFaisalabadPunjabNoneBudget
The NewsJune 17, 2020Helpline for women reproductive health launchedIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Health
The NewsJune 15, 2020Prioritizing mental healthKarachiSindhPPPWomen Health
The NationJune 12, 2020Covid-19 may render 27.3m non-agri sector workers joblessNoneNoneNoneCovid-19
The NationJune 12, 2020Mazari for collective commitment to protect children’s rightsIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
The NewsJune 8, 2020Sharmila Farooqui for restoring media workers’ jobsKarachiSindhPPPHuman Rights
The NewsJune 8, 2020Why influence against domestic servants rising?IslamabadFederal CapitalNoneChild Rights
Daily TimesJune 7, 2020Status of women in Pakistan (OP-ED)NoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
DawnJune 7, 2020Women Voters (Editorial)IslamabadFederal CapitalNoneElections
The NewsJune 6, 2020Ban on employment of kids as domestic workers demandedIslamabadFederal CapitalPML-NChild Rights
DawnJune 4, 2020Minister resolves to declare domestic child labour hazardousIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
Daily TimesJune 4, 2020Protecting women in times of Covid-19; perspective from Pakistan & Italy (OP-ED)NoneNoneNoneGender Based Violence
DawnJune 4, 2020EC calls for urgent steps to bridge male-female voter gapIslamabadFederal CapitalNonePolitics
Pakistan TodayJune 1, 2020Minorities seek effective representation in national mainstreamKarachiSindhPPPMinority Rights
Express TribuneMay 31, 2020Women given hygiene kits in Sindh's prisons, sheltersKarachiSindhPPPCovid-19
Daily TimesMay 27, 2020The gendered face of Covid 19 (OP-ED)NoneNoneNoneCovid-19
Daily TimesMay 27, 2020The plight of Pakistani children — polio virusNoneNoneNoneChild Rights
Daily TimesMay 25, 2020MoHR to give secret code to complainant of helplineIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneHuman Rights
The NationMay 22, 2020Parliamentarians discuss impact of COVID-19 on women, childrenIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneCovid-19
The NewsMay 18, 2020Domestic and gender violence amidst COVID-19NoneNoneNoneGender Based Violence
Daily TimesMay 17, 2020Status of women land rights in Pakistan (OP-ED)NoneNoneNoneWomen Rights
The NationMay 16, 2020Rights and wrongsNoneNoneNoneHuman Rights
Daily TimesMay 16, 2020Impact of COVID-19 on Women’s Mental HealthNoneNoneNoneCovid-19
Business RecorderMay 15, 2020COVID-19: Economic consequences for womenNoneNoneNoneCovid-19
The NewsMay 14, 2020Govt enacted law to ensure women right of inheritance: PMIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIWomen Rights
Dispatch News DeskMay 14, 2020Human Rights Ministry Took Historical Initiatives for Child ProtectionIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
Express TribuneMay 14, 2020‘Violence against women neglected in lockdown’KarachiSindhNoneGender Based Violence
The NationMay 13, 2020Zero tolerance policy towards child abuse or child labour: PMIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIChild Rights
Samaa NewsMay 13, 2020Over 500 domestic violence cases reported during KP lockdown: officialPeshawarKhyber PakhtunkhwaPTIGender Based Violence
Express TribuneMay 05, 2020Lockdown increases domestic violence riskIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneCovid-19
The NewsMay 05, 2020Women in PowerIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneCovid-19
The NewsMay 04, 2020Worsening RightsNoneNoneNoneHuman Rights
The NewsMay 02, 2020‘Workers in rural Sindh getting salary of Rs 6,000 only’KarachiSindhNoneHuman Rights
The NewsMay 01, 2020Call for fighting for workers’ health, lives in COVID-19 pandemicIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneCovid-19
The NewsMay 01, 2020More than 25% of Pakistan's women workforce fired, suspended due to virus lockdown: FAFENNoneNoneNoneEconomic Empowerment
The NationApr 27, 2020COVID-19 Kashmir Women's conference held in IslamabadIslamabadFederal CapitalNoneWomen Rights
Express TribuneApril 27, 2020PM Imran appoints Faraz-Bajwa duo at information ministry’s helmIslamabadFederal CapitalPTIPolitics
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