S.No:Publication TitlePublisherCategoryYearLink
1Women Right to Inheritance and Right to InformationCPDIRTI2021
2Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly Elections 2020IFESElections2020
3Free to be Online?Plan InternationalViolence Against Women2020
4Gender Impact of COVID-19 in Pakistan:
Contextual Analysis and the Way Forward
5Women Electoral QuotasPakVoterElectionsN/A
6An Analysis of Women Participation in By-Election NA-154 (Lodhran-I)CPDI PakistanElectionsN/A
7An Analysis of Women Participation in By-Election PP-20 (Chakwal-I)CPDI PakistanElectionsN/A
8Brochure on the increased issue of Violence against womenCPDI PakistanGender based violenceN/A
9Policy Brief Elimination of Violence against Women and increase Access to Gender JusticeCPDI PakistanGender based violence2011
10Strengthening Gender Legal Framework for Combating Violence against WomenCPDI PakistanGender based violenceN/A
11Women’s political participation In a Pakistani metropolis: Navigating gendered Household and political spacesIDEASElections2019
12Legislative Quotas for Women – A Global & South Asian Overview of Types and Numbers’, Aurat FoundationAurat FoundationLegislationN/A
13A Pilot Study on: ‘Honour Killings in Pakistan and Compliance of Law’Aurat FoundationGender based violenceN/A
14Women and Elections: Guide to promoting the participation of women in electionsUN WomenElectionsN/A
15Preventing violence against women in Elections: A Programming guideUN WomenElections/Gender based violenceN/A
16Women in politics: 2020UN WomenElectionsN/A
17Inclusive electoral processes: A guide for electoral management bodies on promoting gender equality and women’s participationUN WomenElectionsN/A
18Leadership and political participation of women with disabilitiesUN WomenElectionsN/A
19Violence against women and girls data collection during COVID-19UN WomenGender based violence2020
20Violence Against Women in ElectionsIFESElections/ Gender based violence2020
21Violence Against Women in Elections Online: A Social Media Analysis ToolIFESElections/ Gender based violence2019
22Gender Impact of COVID-19 in Pakistan: Contextual Analysis and the Way ForwardIFESWomen2020
23Unmaking Political Patriarchy Through Gender Quotas?Heinrich Boll StiftungElections2015
24Regional Organizations, Gender Equality and The Political Empowerment of WomenIDEAElectionsN/A
25Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: Constitutional JurisprudenceIDEAElectionsN/A
26Enhancing Women’s Participation in Electoral Processes in Post–Conflict countriesUN WomenElections2017
27Tweets That Chill: Analyzing Online Violence Against Women in PoliticsNDIElection/Gender based violenceN/A
28NDI Brief to the Canadian House Committee on the Status of WomenNDIElectionsN/A
29No Party To Violence: Analyzing Violence Against Women in Political PartiesNDIElection/Gender based violenceN/A
30NotTheCost: Program Guidance for Stopping Violence Against Women in PoliticsNDIElection/Gender based violenceN/A
31Suggestions on Women’s Empowerment for Election Manifestos of Political PartiesAurat FoundationElections2012
32The Politics of our LivesAurat FoundationElectionsN/A
33Taking Public Action to End Violence at HomeOECDGender based violence2020
34Hostile Bytes: A Study of Online Violence Against Women JournalistsMMFDGender based violence2019
35Gendering Self-Censorship: Women Journalists and the Double BindMMFDGender based violence2018
36Advancing Women’s Political ParticipationThe Asia FoundationElections2016
37Women’s education and political participationUNESCOElections2003
38Against All Odds: Post Shelter Lives of Women Survivors of ViolenceRozanGender based violence2018
39Guidelines for the Protection of Dignity and Rights of Survivors of ViolenceRozanGender based violence2009
40Strengthening women’s centers to support survivors of violence’RozanGender based violenceN/A
41Growth and Inequality in PakistanFESGender Discrimination2018
42Gender Checklist for FreeBlue VeinsElectionsN/A
43Electoral and Political Rights of Persons with Disabilities in PakistanCPDIPersons with Disability2018