Jannat Hussain Nekokara

Assistant Commissioner Attock

On December 10, 2019, Jannat Hussain came into limelight after speaking for the provision of equal human rights to minorities in Pakistan on International Human Rights Day in Attock. She is among the active faces of Pakistan bureaucracy. From human rights to animal rights, she intends to work on progressive policy implementation in Pakistan. This lady who hails from Chiniot is also a strong advocate of women rights in Pakistan and, clearly, spoken out for women rights as a public official. In her interview to Gulf News, she said, “I joined Pakistan Administrative Service with a passion to do my humble bit in contributing to the welfare of Pakistani society. Subjects like girls’ education, improved provision of health and nutrition services, human dignity and equality, environmental conservation and social inclusion are very close to my heart.”

When only two COVID-19 cases were reported in Pakistan, Attock was one the districts that started taking precautionary measures; Miss Jannat as being a district administrator, in collaboration with health authorities initiated the screening procedures of pilgrims from Iran. Although Jannat faced backlash for her comments on minority rights, yet her efforts towards a welfare society led her to set precedent for other public officials. Jannat Hussain is the lady Pakistan take pride in. She is a vital part of Pakistan’s bureaucracy. Many women in Pakistan want to prove themselves by serving humanity but, sometimes, our social constructs barricade their ways to their dream. We should establish a society where the likes of Jannat Hussain are appreciated so that this foundation of a welfare state can be strengthened.

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