When women do better, economies do better and ultimately countries do better. This can only happen when women are treated as equal to men in social, economic, and political terms. Women make up almost 50% of the complete population of Pakistan (48.8 percent) which implies that they are the genuine resource and strength of the country. In Pakistan, there are many instances where women feel less superior and face inequalities related to gender, economics, and politics. At a point when girls are not instructed on the same level as boys, it can affect the future of the country. As there is no limit to what a woman can achieve if she is given a chance, women face a great deal of inequality in the workplaces i.e., unequal pays, biases towards male colleagues, sexual harassment, promoting gender stereotypes and the list goes on.

Women in Pakistan face rejection from admittance to social services, financial opportunities, and decision making. Most women are seriously compelled by biased patriarchal standards which are being reinforced by promoting extremism. Women in Pakistan are living as indicated by the old traditions which fence their political strengthening.

To date, women are underrepresented in governmental issues, parliaments, and public life. Mindset towards women competitors is still to a great extent described by profoundly imbued stereotypes, and political rivals will regularly utilize those stereotypes to scrutinize women’s’ abilities. For running the society easily and calmly, the job and commitment of ladies in varying social statuses are too significant.  The nations which are viewed as the most developed, tranquil, and modern throughout the world have generally eliminated the gender discriminations and imbalance alongside giving women different rights as men. There are many stereotypes regarding women which portray them as weak and fragile human being i.e., they are physically less active, they are physically weaker than men, they are afraid of insects, etc. When women are given equal opportunities to men, they can be powerful agents of positive change in society. It is the time we end these gender stereotypes by having ambitions in our minds regardless of our gender. A woman should not be looked down upon in any aspect, it is the time we stop objectifying women and stop considering them as sex objects only. It is the time we realize how capable women are and the sky is just a limit.


Contributed by:

Yumna Amjad

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