In the modern era, continuing our ancestral life, we have suppressed women to a 4 walled prison which we call a house, this needs to change! As the technology of this world continues to grow, women are left behind as they are considered illiterate, which, in some places is correct, because women’s education is not given as much importance as men’s especially when it comes to underdeveloped countries. That needs to change!

Women’s choices are often overlooked as they are considered insignificant. That needs to change!  Continuing our daily lives we do not feel a mist of injustice in the air, but many women do and are insecure about it. Numerous ambitious women have stepped down of their dreams just because either, their family didn’t agree, the neighbors didn’t agree, or no one appreciated their hard work. These reasons may seem too small for someone but the truth is no one is capable to endure a dreadful life full of loneliness, so they eventually compromise, but why do they need to compromise, if they were appreciated, given love and respect for their work?

Our initiative is to empower women, not just because we want to but we need to! There are over 7 Billion people in this world! And all of them are different from one another, we can never know someone’s full potential until we give them a chance because “No one ever became a success without taking a chance.” I’d like to share a story of a woman named Malala Yousufzai as the women’s pioneer of Pakistan. Malala was against the system and wanted the liberal rights of women, even going the lengths of protesting against the militant groups. As the result she was shot at the hands of those militant groups, the whole world backed her up at the moment which was going to be revolutionary, not just for the women of Pakistan but for the women of the entire world. Their prayers were answered, and Malala recovered.

Malala didn’t get scared of a bullet, and showed the world what is the power of women and men combined, stating that “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world!”

But not just one or two, several other women inspired us to date. Our future is in our own hands and we are the only outcome of it, educate women while they still have time, give importance and guidance to women while they still have time. Don’t regret the past but regret the future and let this initiative blossom.



Contributed by:

Abdeali .M. Aun Nicobar

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