Even today, our society is based on the assumption that women are different from men in social positions. Laws, that give women rights, were not like men. People do not follow the principles of equality given to women by these laws because it is like a sentence written in law books.

Society considers men strong and dominant and women weak. But it is not realized that women’s activities are also important for collective development. From the beginning, we decided that women could do nothing but cook. If a woman is working, she will have to face limits that men cannot have.

The problems of gender inequality are unbearable: Instead of moving on and doing something, we are arguing about who will do better. We are still wondering which gender has been given more opportunities than the other. Women should be aware of their importance and come forward and speak for their rights.

I have heard many brown people. They talk to their daughters as if they were their sons and they feel proud. It seems ironic that being a girl if she is doing all the work then why son?

Why do they say he is like a son?? Why isn’t she a daughter?? There is discrimination. Does this mean that if women get the chance, they can do things that are only made for men?

People in Pakistan believe that women’s empowerment is a foreign plan to mislead our women. However, this is simply a misunderstanding because women around the world face challenges related to gender differences. If women are vulnerable, laws should be enacted to train women from an early stage.

The point is, women are not weak. They are, in fact, a respectable creation of God Almighty. There must be a platform to speak for its rights. Laws should not only be enacted but enforced through applying different means which are practical. In case of breaking the laws on women’s rights, extreme punishment should be given because women are not only the pillar of your home but also your helping hand for success.

Uneven access to education. Around the world, women still have less access to education than men, Lack of employment equality, Job segregation, Lack of legal protections, Lack of bodily autonomy,

Poor medical care, Lack of religious freedom, Lack of political representation, and societal mindset.

The question is, do males deserve equal rights that females have?? I don’t think so because they already have many. Women’s access must be increased to overcome the situation. As a society, we need to abandon the mentality that women are domestic commodities. If women can handle the house, they can handle things beyond the four boundaries of their home. There should be equity in the law for women so that they can play their part.


Contributed by:

Kanwal Iqbal

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