There is no tool for development additional made than the authorization of women”

Women represent half of the population in Pakistan. Women play a vital role within the economic development of any country/state. Any country’s gross domestic product can be boosted by merely reducing gender difference. Similarly, women authorization in Pakistan will bring a huge change. Many consultants offer proof that gender difference is the main reason of low economic growth. Countries with a high rate of gender discrimination have less gross domestic product rate of growth relatively to those countries where there is less gender discrimination. Consistent with the planet Economic Forum, Pakistan stands 148 out of 149 countries within the international gender gap index.


From a continues struggle women of our country are still facing several issues and challenges. Pakistan’s feminine labor participation is twentythree 23% consistent with the worldwide Economy report. therefore, Pakistan hierarchic 167 out of 181 countries. Besides restricted access to promote women are also facing vast wage variation. Consistent with a report revealed by the United Nation on women’s health about forty-eight 48%, women in Pakistan have no right to determine on their health. While concerning about maternal deaths, Pakistan is taken into account to be the third-worst country. The very slender approach to women’s rights, lack of resources and lower investment within the health sector & fast increment area unit are the main causes of poor health of women in our country.

To encourage feminine participation within the labor economy effective program and policies ought to be enforced. What is more, to boost the operating condition applicable laws and legislation ought to be obligatory. For the ladies United Nations agency area unit already operating provision of support and facilities ought to be provided. Equal economic investment opportunities within the health sector & academic sector area unit foremost for the economic process of Pakistan.

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Kinza Farooq

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