International women’s day (8th March) is a global day celebrating the economic, social, and political achievements of women’ past, present, and future

On this special day, I want to write something about different kinds of environments where women are constantly emphasized to wear a lot of heavy and painful ornaments like animals. The heavy ornaments is a campaign for me for the women of different cultures who are forced to wear such type of painful ornaments. I want to raise a voice against this type of illiteracy because this is not a culture neither it is mandatory to be worn. It is annihilation and frustration which is caused by illiteracy ۔ it is time to fight women’s rights.

We need to celebrate this women’s day with them and educate them on reducing their burdens and arranging meetings with their community leaders to guide them. They are unaware that the custom they follow under the darkness is only a burden. Education and reformation made people aware of such kind of darkness in the name of culture. Let’s do this oncoming women’s day for women from women. So join hands with me for this pious deed.

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Aqsa Shaikh

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