International Women’s Day is a global event dedicated to the rights of women in our society. In some countries, it is declared as an official holiday. There are various processions, movements and sequences of the event organized globally. In this generation, women have to face many problems as well like sexual assaults, rape and many more… Women mostly also lack respect in some families. when there is only one child in a family that is female when her parents grow older she has to take the responsibilities of the food, health and all. In order to make sure that the persons are living healthy and happy life, she is the one who need to get a proper job in order to earn money to look after her parent’s need. Many tribes think that a girl child is a pressure on the society and that is why they don’t invest money on the child education due to that the child remains uneducated and is force to get married, at the end she is treated like a servant. The people with this kind of mind set should now realise that also women have their life where by they can follow basic rights and needs. majority parents will for a son but when they find out that it’s a daughter they treat her like unwanted, which has to stop. People with this kind of mind set should now realise that also women have their own life where by they can follow their basic rights and needs. Women are known to be the symbol of spirituality, strength,love, sacrifice and Courage.The role of women in today’s world is changing significantly.Women are now well educated and self dependent they have become successful in many fields like politics, sports, education, technology, entertainment etc. Today’s progressing world has brought a new hope and has empowered women positively. Earlier women were dependent on father or husband but now they have become capital enough to earn their living. The role of todays society is really important. They are working efficiently in all fields from housewives, manager to CEO’s. Women are doing their jobs with perfection. Today women handle the office and home too. Many womens are more successful then their male colleagues. They are working at senior leadership level into and excellent way women are equally important in the society. Today’s women are contributing equally well in country’s Development and progress. To conclude Women should be encouraged to learn new things and do something apart from the household works. They should be given equal opportunities in all fields they should be given freedom of choosing their career and making their decisions in life. Womens like fatima jinnah, begum shaista ikramullah, benazir bhutto, fehmida mirza, ayesha farooq, samina khayal baig, rafia baig and many more has become successful in their fields. They are idol and inspiration for us. A women empowerment plays an important role in the development of country. Empowerment of women particularly in rural areas is the necessity today. Basic rights like education, nutrition and health are like luxuries for millions of girls today there are a lot of girls in the rural areas who drop out from the school and end up in employment or doing household chores. Female fosticide, domestic violence, Early marriages, gender based discrimination, discrimination at work place are some of the challenges women are facing. We must ensure that each and every girl gets her right of education proper nutrition and good health facilities. There should be proper law and enforcement for the safety of women. When girl is educated and empowered families become happier. When women is educated and employed she can also help the family with financial problems. Empowering the women is one of the smartest thing we can do to promote a healthier and a more prosperous world. Thank you!.

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Haniya Abdul qadir

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