Once I read a quote that, there is no force more powerful than a women determined to rise. There is no doubt that mentally women are better than men. Being a woman, I was happy that Allah granted a

woman more power than a man mentally, but unfortunately, girls in our country are not trained on

these grounds so that they can understand  their  power.  My  goal  is,  as  far  as  possible,  a  small

effort  to  raise  consciousness  of  individuals  and  community by writing on this subject.

Women  make  up  around  50  percent of the Pakistani population, which, because of  social norms, is not used  for national production. She  admired her meagre talent, her lower education and her  low political skills. Why?

While  we  have  the  best  example  of  Mohtarma  Fatima  Jinnah,  a  great  political leader,  an influencer with an  exceptional personality. Even in the periods, when it was unusual for a woman to be influential in the public  sphere. Her role in shaping Pakistan movement can’t be understated. Pakistan has seen a series of less but significant  achievements  for women: Benazir Bhutto became  the Muslim country’s  first  female prime minister in  1988; Dr. Fehmida Mirza  became  the  first women  speaker of the National Assembly in 2008; and more than 100 women were elected to both houses of parliament in 2013.  Our women need to learn from the significant achievements of these great leaders. Women in our country are traditionally limited to the home. Conditions are relatively better in the major cities where girls seek higher education and work in public and private institutions. We need to work on providing education and employment opportunities to women in all parts of the countries. Women should also encourage to take part in political activities. Specially at the grass root level so that they could work for the betterment of their fellow women. I believe, political empowerment of the women is the only solution to the mainstreaming of women..

Contributed by:

Hafsa Farooq

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