PakVoter Quiz: May 2018 - Care Taker Setup in Pakistan
Test your knowledge of Pakistan's Politics in a 5-min quiz of 20 questions and 100 marks in total. Share your test result on Facebook or Twitter. Get your certificate when you pass the test or retake it if you don't.

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1. After which amendment the president no longer holds discretionary powers to appoint a caretaker prime minister or chief ministers of his choosing?
2. The 20th Amendment also introduces Article — into the Constitution, which ensures that in case the PM and the Leader of the Opposition are at an impasse about the final choice of a name for the caretaker prime minister, the matter would be taken to a parliamentary committee with an equal number of members from both sides, who will then make the final decision regarding the appointment.?
3. Under which article The Prime Minister, Chief Minister or a Minister or any other members of a Caretaker Governments shall, within three days from the date of assumption of office, submit to the Commission a Wealth Statement including assets and liabilities of his spouse and dependent children
4. The do’s and don’ts of a care taker government are in Article 230 (1) (2) of the
5. Under Article 230 (1) c actions of care taker government can be reversed by elected government
6. Justice Nasirul Mulk is the _____ care taker prime minister
7. Ghulam Mustafa khan Jataoi is ex care taker prime minister
8. If the elected representatives are unable to decide on a name for care taker prime minister, the matter goes to

9. If the decision of the care taker PM or CM is referred to Election commission it is bound to take a decision in ____ days.
10. Article 224 (1B) bars members of caretaker cabinets, including the caretaker prime minister and the caretaker chief ministers and their spouses and children, from contesting the next elections, was introduced through
11. ECP’s code of conduct for political parties and candidates 2013 under section 30 bars the participation of care taker officials to participate in election campaign
12. Who was the 6th care taker Prime Minister?
13. Who is the care taker foreign minister in 2018?
14. Ahmer Bilal Soofi was care taker minister of ______ in 2013.
15. Arif Nizami was care taker minister of Information ministry and postal services in
16. Who was the first care taker Prime Minister of Pakistan?
17. According to the Article 230 (2) (a) of the election act 2017, care taker government can take major policy decisions on any matter.
18. Caretaker government can make promotions or major appointments of public officials.
19. Which chapter of the Election Act 2017 deals with care taker set up?
20. Who takes the oath from care taker Prime Minister?