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Election 8 September 2020

ISLAMABAD, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 8th Sep, 2020 ) :An important meeting of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) with regard to third Strategic Plan 2019-2023 was held under the chairmanship of Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja on Tuesday at the ECP Secretariat.

Heads of different wings of the ECP briefed the Election Commission on the progress on the implementation of third Strategic Plan -2019-2023 of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The meeting was informed that the third Strategic Plan of ECP intends to enable compliance, in letter and spirit, of the Election Act, 2017, facilitate the participation of stakeholders in electoral processes, to deliver inclusive elections that people trust, help staff and offices across the organization to develop a common understating of where the ECP currently stands, a shared vision of where it plans to be over the next five years and what strategies it will employ to attain its strategic goals within the given timelines.

It was apprised that the strategic plan would assist the ECP leadership to monitor progress against set targets and adopt timely measures to address any hurdles that may be impeding or delaying progress, facilitate the ECP in assessing resource needs, rationalize and prioritize resource allocation for greater efficiency and identify and prioritize entry-points for assistance and support from international development partners.

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