This section provides a range of audio visual learning aids on topics relate to democracy, political processes, elections and voter education. People from different segments of society may fetch their required information from this section.

Importance of Local Government

Why will you vote?

Women Participation in Elections

How to Actively Participate in Elections?

Process of Vote Casting in KP LG Elections

Why and how to get CNIC

Role of Election Commission in Conducting the Elections from PakVoter

Electoral Participation of women, transgender, person with disabilities and minorities from PakVoter

Infographs for children aged 9-12
In this section some informatory material is developed for the age group 9-12 years. This material is in the form of cartoonified infographics.

Three Levels of Government

Difference Between the Constitution and Law

The infograph which shows the difference between constitution and a law

How Parliament Works

What is Budget?

Know about your Assembly

Election Jingle

Election jingle ‘Dalain gey vote hum zimedari sey’ (we as youth shall cast our vote responsibly) creates sense of belongingness for the country, respect for democracy and sense for responsibility in citizens especially in youth to cast vote.