PakVoter Quiz: May 2018 - Civics.
Test your knowledge of Pakistan's Politics in a 5-min quiz of 20 questions and 100 marks in total. Share your test result on Facebook or Twitter. Get your certificate when you pass the test or retake it if you don't.

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The constitution 21st amendment act, 2015 was meant to remain in force for ________ from the date of its commencement.
National action plan was created to curb
Who is the current prime minister of India?
Who is the chief justice of Pakistan?
PMDC stands for
Who is the current Pakistani ambassador to the UN?
PBS Stands for?
OGRA is the abbreviation of
Saudi King Abdullah is buried in
On the proposed $7.6 billion TAPI gas pipeline, the four stake holders Turkmenistan, Afghanistan Pakistan and _______ signed the agreement
The _______ has prepared a draft law for alternate dispute resolution system under which disputing parties would be required to first get their issues settle through mediators
25th constitutional amendment was passed from parliament on?
SBP Stands for
Justice Nasir Ul Mulk was the --- Chief justice of Pakistan
The commissioning of multipurpose ----on River Indus has been postponed by another about 17 years as this mega project is now expected to be completed in the year 2037 instead of 2020.
Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani education campaigner went to _______ to campaign for missing girls.
In June 2014, Government allocated Rs. _______ for operation “Zarb-i-Azb” and North Waziristan Agency IDPs
In May 2014, National assembly passed Resolution to extend the Pakistan Protection Ordinance for ________ days.
Pakistan and _____ signed the framework agreement on the Lahore orange Line Metro Train Project which will cost $1.6 Billion
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attended Narendra Modis swearing ceremony on _______.