PakVoter Quiz: July 2018 - Political IQ.
Test your knowledge of Pakistan's Politics in a 5-min quiz of 20 questions and 100 marks in total. Share your test result on Facebook or Twitter. Get your certificate when you pass the test or retake it if you don't.

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1. The state of Pakistan was created under the Independence Act of 1947.
2. When was Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah elected as the President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?
3. When was National Flag of Pakistan approved?
4. The Objectives Resolution was introduced by Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan in?
5. The second constituent assembly of Pakistan was created under the _____?
6. The second constituent assembly of Pakistan was created under the _____?
7. Who was the first elected President of Pakistan?
8. Gen Muhammad Yahya Khan was designated as Deputy C-in-C in_____?
9. Under the Interim Constitution of 1972, the National Assembly was not to be dissolved earlier than 14th August 1973
10. Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, was promulgated in?
11. Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali resigned from his office as Prime Minister in?
12. Who took oath as caretaker Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 25th March 2013?
13. Who was elected as Speaker of 14th National Assembly of Pakistan?
14. Asif Ali Zardari completed his tenure on _____ as president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
15. Mr. Miraj Khalid was elected as a Speaker National Assembly in _____?
16. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan and Leader of the House in_______?
17. Who was disqualified from April 26, 2012 by the Order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on June 19, 2012?
18. The Simla Agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in ______.
19. General Mosa Khas was appointed as an army chief in?
20. On 17th April 1972 an Interim Constitution was adopted by the National Assembly, which provided for a Presidential form of Government