The people bear the biggest responsibility in the democratic system. As defined by the Lincoln, “Democracy is the rule of people by the people for the people.” Therefore, people are the fundamental ingredient that makes up true democracy and any democratic system without effective and intelligent involvement of people would eventually fail.
Unfortunately, as we, Pakistanis are great neglector of our duties and responsibilities as a voter to select parliamentarians and keep check and balance once they enter into the parliament of Pakistan. So, are we aware of our obligations to safeguard and nurture democracy in our country? Are we aware of our role in the electoral process in Pakistan and are we aware of our strength and powers when it comes to democratic system in Pakistan? Or are we just like another Pakistanis who blame politicians for all that’s happening in the country- while sitting at the comfort of our home or reading newspaper at our coffee table. One thing that all of us got to understand is that until and unless we are aware of our obligations and powers in democratic system, there can’t be any change in current political system of the country. It is only when the people of this country realize to take things in their hands and to keep a strict check and balance over elected parliament of Pakistan then this system will deliver.
Your role as a citizen in democratic system is not just to vote smartly, but it is also to keep close look at the national policies being implemented by the parliament and raise your voice in favor or against any government policy that you thing will eventually hurt national cause. You have to understand that abusing and blaming politicians for their ill-thought policies will not make any difference until people will make themselves heard at every level of democratic system.
A mere survey on streets of any city will reveal that majority of our people are totally uninformed when it comes to their duties and obligations in electoral process in Pakistan. The lack of civic education in Pakistan has left the nation on command of political elites who often are involved in misappropriation, misconduct, and corruption. The major responsibility of all this mess has to be bear by the nation including you. You also have to understand that a democratic system could never prevail until you are wise enough to use your voting right smartly. You have to understand that their single thumb impression has more to do with the progress of country than any other thing.
If you can read the blog it means that, you are among the few in country that we can be called as well educated and informed enough to educate people that voting for the sake of voting is not just good enough to ensure right people enter the National Assembly and Senate of the country. The only true mean to make people realize their duties and obligations in electoral process in Pakistan is by providing them civic education in Pakistan and by making them understand the political & electoral history of Pakistan.
Moreover, you have to make people understand that they have to keep a constant oversight over government policies after completion of electoral process. Pressure groups need to keep consistent pressure on government to act rationally and to concentrate on fundamental evils of the society. We all including you and me, need to raise our voices when we see any injustice from government and need to educate people around us to raise their voices as well. A truly mobile and educated nation will certainly raise a corruption free, honest, and dedicated government that can change the course of history of the country. Until then, it is time to play our part as a responsible member of this country.

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