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1. Who investigates, crimes related to taxation and money laundering in Pakistan?
2. In National Assembly the federal budget for year 2019-2010 was presented by
3. In February 2019, the federal government has planned to develop a Kamyab Jawan Program in collaboration with
4. The latest in a series of anti-militancy military operations in Pakistan is titled
5. Ministry of Planning Development & Reform is currently represented by
6. Laissez Faire policy means
7. Importance of civil service has grown due to
8. . The book “Capital” is written by
9. Collective responsibility is a constitutional convention of
10. The system in which economic decisions are based on supply and demand is
11. Which of the following is the largest contributing sector to GDP of Pakistan?
12. Who is Federal Minister for Defense Production in current setup?
13. Headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is at
14. Pakistan became member of International Monetary Fund (IMF) in