Welcome to your Monthly Quiz - July 2019

Who is federal minister for National Health Services in current setup?

Pakistan joined the World Bank in

“The Wealth of Nations” is written by

Prevention of Smuggling of Migrants Act, 2018 was passed by

The effort to control or influence the conduct of government is called

The supreme and absolute authority within territorial boundaries is known as

Which country opposed Pakistan's membership in United Nations?

The opportunity to control one's own economic decisions is known as

The government in which the power rests with a small group of elite people is called

Who is current Deputy Chairman of Senate of Pakistan?

A system of government in which power is held by people who elect representatives is known as

How many people hold power in a monarchy?

Which of the following provincial assemblies have passed “Sikh Marriage Act” in March 2018?

What is an on demand Economy?

Elections Reforms Amendment Bill 2017 was passed to restore

Who is the current Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

Who is current Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

The latest in a series of anti-militancy military operations in Pakistan is titled

Federal Ministry of Science and Technology is currently represented by

Pakistan became member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in

Who is current speaker of Sindh Assembly?

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