PakVoter Quiz: July 2019 - Current Political IQ.
Test your knowledge of Pakistan's Politics in a 5-min quiz of 20 questions and 100 marks in total. Share your test result on Facebook or Twitter. Get your certificate when you pass the test or retake it if you don't.

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1. How many seats PTI won in Provincial elections held in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa tribal district?
2. Which provincial government of Pakistan and Kuwaiti company signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a solar power project?
3. When did the Balochistan government and Kuwaiti company sign a memorandum of understanding MoU for a solar power project in Balochistan?
4. When were the elections in constituencies of Kyber Pakhtoonkhwa tribal districts held?
5. Who was declared winner from the constituency PK-100, Bajaur-I?
6. Who was declared winner from the constituency PK-101, Bajaur-II?
7. Who was declared winner from the constituency PK-105, Khyber-I?
8. In which city of the Pakistan e-court system was launched on July 15, 2019?
9. Who took oath as acting chief justice of Pakistan on Tuesday, July 30, 2019?
10. Which two bills were passed by The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue on Tuesday July 30, 2019?
11. Who has been appointed as the official spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)?
12. When was Air Commodore Syed Ahmer Raza appointed as the official spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)?
13. Prime Minister Youth Affairs Program (PMYAP) has established a 33-member National Youth Council.
14. When did National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) launch the registration process across the country named as, ‘’A home for every Pakistani at low price; in easy installments.’’
15. Which Council elected Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN, Maleeha Lodhi, as one of its four Vice Presidents at an election held on Thursday July 27, 2019.
16. The federal cabinet has allowed Pakistanis holding dual nationality to take part in elections.
17. Who has been appointed as special assistant to the Prime Minister on public private partnership?
18. Who among the following ministers has been appointed as a member of the Economic Development Council (NDC) on July 10, 2019?
19. Who has been given the portfolio of Economic Affairs Division?