1. Money in politics undeniably influences the quality of democracy and governance. We need to regulate to the finance to positively control the influence.
  2. Money is necessary for democratic politics, and political parties must have access to funds to play their part in the political process. Regulation must not curb healthy competition.
  3. Money has never been an unproblematic part of the political system, and regulations are always desirable.
  4. Effective regulations and disclosure can help to control adverse effects of the role of money in politics, but only if well conceived and implemented.
  5. Effective oversight depends on activities in interaction by several stakeholders (such as regulators, civil society and the media) and based on transparency.
  6. More informed voters, more equal footings on which parties and candidates compete, or more equitable access to politics across socioeconomic groups.
  7. Regulation defines: what is to be disclosed, who is to disclose it, how often, and to what type of regulatory body.