1. RAISE YOUR VOICE!! Political finance laws should require full disclosure of the income of candidates, how much they spend on elections and what they spend on.
  2. TAKE ACTION!! You, the regulators, the media, the civil society and the public at large needs to ensure that political finance regulations are implemented and political parties and candidates are held accountable.
  3. TAKE ACTION!! The right to information act allows you to access any public record, even election expenses incurred by contesting candidates.
  4. TAKE ACTION!! Have you checked your representative’s financial statements? You can! All account statements of all elected members are accessible to all citizens.
  5. TAKE ACTION!! All statements of assets and liabilities of all parliamentarians are viewable on ECP’s website. Check them out and hold them accountable!
  6. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think that corporate donations to contesting candidates should be allowed in Pakistan?
  7. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think political advertisements in Pakistan should be controlled?
  8. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think setting limits on political spending is against freedom of speech?
  9. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think spending limits on elections should be the same for all constituencies.
  10. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think all political parties should get equal free or financially supported airtime on media.
  11. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you think NADRAFBR and NAB can play an important role in regulating political finance laws?
  12. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED: How do parties raise money? Is it direct solicitation by candidates or fundraising events or asking supporters to contribute or party fees?
  13. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED: Why Pakistani political parties are able to spend billions of rupees on election expenses.
  14. TAKE ACTION!! Hold candidates responsible if you can see that they have overspent their legally permitted limit during elections.
  15. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED: What is the penalty for late-filing or non filing of election expense reports?
  16. True or False: There is a ban on anonymous donations to political parties in Pakistan.
  17. True or False: Contesting candidates are allowed to offer transportation to voter on the day of elections.
  18. True or False: Political parties have to report regularly on their finances.
  19. True or False: Political parties in Pakistan have to report their finances for election campaigns.
  20. True or False: There is a limit to the amount a political party can spend on its election campaign.
  21. True or False: Defaulters of bank loans and government dues are disqualified from being electedor member of the Parliament.
  22. True or False: There are no spending limits imposed for senate elections.
  23. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED: There are laws on the amount and source of any donation made to political parties.
  24. FACT: regulation of campaign expenditure ensures a level playing for those who do not have billions to spend on election campaigns.
  25. TAKE ACTION!! Hold political parties accountable on their sources of funds.
  26. TAKE ACTION!! Make sure that elections are fair and just. The political campaigns have to have limits and should be monitored.
  27. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A level playing field has to be ensured by setting realistic spending limits for all political parties and candidates to follow.
  28. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: ECP has the legal authority to confiscate funds that are obtained from unauthorized sources. ECP has never taken such an actions.
  29. FOOD FOR THROUGHT! It is estimated that an average campaign costs between PKR 20-25 million for a national and PKR 12-15 million for a provincial constituency. The limits are far less than this.