1. Every stakeholder should know. What Political Finance is? How it is regulated?
  2. We need rationale expense limits.
  3. We need limits for political parties.
  4. There should be a ceiling on election campaign expenditure by the political parties.
  5. Political parties should also disclose and submit their statements of election campaign expenditure to make them accountable.
  6. Elections campaigns by political parties and individual candidates should be monitored by the ECP and to impose sanctions in case of violations.
  7. Annual accounts and statements of political parties should be placed on website by the ECP.
  8. ECP should evolve an effective mechanism to monitor the election campaign and safe guard the violations.
  9. ECP should have the authority to audit and investigate the accounts of political parties.
  10. ECP should be strengthened and empowered to implement the political finance regulations.
  11. ECP should enforce the regulations within its mandate in existing legal framework.
  12. ECP should propose the amendments in the law enabling it to enforce the regulations if not available in the existing framework.