Malik Taimoor Masood Akber, is elected member of Punjab Assembly from PP-8(Rawalpindi VIII), on the party ticket of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf. He has done his masters study in business administration. He is member of standing committee labor and manpower of Punjab assembly.

Motivation to Join Politics:

Mr Taimor Masood stated ‘My ambition to join politics is to only save and serve the Pakistan/Pakistani people. I started my politics from local worker, and then I entered into provincial politics. I want to see Pakistan strong and growing country, where people can live prosperous life comfortably.

Political Career:

Before joining PTI, Taimor has been part of Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid), of Chaudhary Shujat Hussain.

Election Experiences in 2013:

As Taimor hailed from local politics, therefore he claimed support from grassroots level among his voters, supporters and workers of his constituency. Due to this constituents support during 2013 General Elections, PTI reposed confidence on his leadership and awarded him party ticket. Although he had to face some challenges during campaign, however he handled these successfully. He said, ‘I had already plans for my area. It was easy for me to manage election campaign. I faced some challenges from my opposition side. They replaced my election campaign banners, posters and other materials forcefully. To tackle this issue, I prepared teams of political workers ward wise, who monitored 24 hour my publicity material. My teams motivated my supporters, who visited people door to door, and held corner meetings.

Challenges & Objectives:

After being elected, being a member of opposition party, I am facing problems of lack of development funds for my constituency. My objectives are to develop my constituency particularly to be part of development generally in our country.

My Dreamed Pakistan:

My dreamed Pakistan is powerful country where people live comfortably and where there is no load shading /no water issue/no petrol Gas issue/ no issues of basic necessities of life/ and the country that deliver the true meaning and benefits of democracy to people of Pakistan. My message to Pakistani nation is to obey rule of law, Islamic values of brotherhood, and work hard. My message for youth is to focus on your education and skills, and be an honest with your nation.