Ms. Hina Pervez Butt is member of Provincial Assembly of Punjab (W-353) elected on women specific quota of PML_N. She studied in Kennaird College and LUMS University where she developed interest in women sensitive issues. Meanwhile, she got an opportunity to link with different NGOs and realized women issues are incredibly convoluted. She started formal politics from provincial level as MPA.

Motivation to Join Politics:

Women issues were motivational factor for Ms. Hina to join action politics. She stated that ‘I requested for the PML-N ticket. Fortunately, I was selected after an interview.

Political Career:

She started formal politics from provincial level as MPA. She argued that from the beginning of her political career, she was affiliated with PML-N ideologically, as she viewed this party much familiar with public concerns at grass-root level and stern to resolve their issues. She based her ideology on the successes of PML-N governments’ mega projects such as motorway, metro-bus service, and so forth that were regarded as beneficial to the economy and image of Pakistan. It will also make available new employment opportunities.

Election Experiences in 2013:

She stated that ‘we have been working for the betterment of women from the platform of Punjab Assembly. Difficulties are imperative part of politics. Daring people have to always face challenges.

Challenges & Objectives:

She stated her objectives are the uplift of women in Pakistan. She informed that she along with ‘Group of Women in Punjab Assembly named “Women Caucus” is working vigorously for the betterment of women’ in Pakistan. She said, after being member National Assembly, her perspective of analyzing issues at macro and micro level is entirely changed. Membership in Punjab Assembly provides her an opportunity to know the real causes of issues as well as the possible resolution of these issues.

My Dreamed Pakistan:

She being a Member of Punjab Assembly and citizen of Pakistan dreamed a peaceful, prosperous, and developed Pakistan. She gave a message to youth to be active professionally. She stated ‘Youth are the real architect of this nation. They need career counseling. Federal and provincial governments are working diligently on youth packages, youth loan scheme, and to enhance an employment opportunities.’

She wants the nation to comply with vision of Quaid-e-Azam “work…work…and only work”. Work is the only key to success. She claimed to be practically following this quote and expected Pakistani nation especially youth to set their targets and to achieve those targets by tireless efforts.