Ms. Ayesha Gulalai is elected member of National Assembly on women proportionate quota of PTI from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She has inherited politics from family. She informed that ‘My great grandfather was chief adviser of King Aman Allah Khan of Afghanistan. Credit of my political success goes to my father. I also retain the credit of getting party ticket of MPA and MNA by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto at the age of twenty-one year only’. She however left the Pakistan Peoples Party and joined PTI due to the differences on policies of current leadership of the party.
Although she belonged to tribal set-up, however, she had excellent academic achievements. While studying at Government Girls High School Mirinshah (North Waziristan), she won many debate competitions. Later on, she secured first prize in all Pakistan debate competition organized by UNO in Islamabad. Besides that, she also worked for child labor, Environment, Peace establishment, elimination of lawlessness and social development. She did her graduation in International Relations and Masters in comparative politics and Islamiyat from Peshawar University.

Motivation to Join Politics:

Answering to the question regarding her motivation to join politics and challenges faced, she said since her childhood she was interested to join politics. Her father was a lecturer in an educational Institute of Miran Shah. He guided her in every way. Her grandfather received the title of “Khan Bahadur”. Senator Fareed Ullah Khan was his family member as well. She received political education from her family and joined politics with one point agenda of empowerment of women of Tribal areas and KPK and to change the existing mind sets underestimating women abilities. She faced challenges but people of tribal area, especially women supported her. She said, image of tribal women is being portrayed negatively. Education and empowerment of women is her main concern in politics.

Political Career:

She informed Benazir Bhutto also motivated her to join politics. She recalled ‘My political career is very unique. I met Benazir Bhutto very first time at the rest house of my uncle at Bannu. When I turned 21 she appointed me as a coordinator of PPPP in FATA and offered party tickets for the seats of MPA and MNA. Around election time, prior to her death, Benazir Bhutto visited Peshawar. I had given detailed briefing regarding FATA and KPK. She appreciated my presentation and said to the other participants the performance of Ayesha Gul is role model to others. Unfortunately, after that visit, Benizar Bhutto lost her life in Liaqat Bagh incident’.
Ms. Ayesha has been part of PPP from the start of her political career, however, she lator joined PTI of Imran khan after some differences with party leadership over military operations in FATA. She used to attend the tribal meetings, and she has gained the trust of tribes. She informed that ‘during regime of PPP, then Prime Minister Yousf Raza Gillani offered her the post of media coordinator which she refused plainly. She had made up her mind to affiliate herself with PTI when Imran Khan announced long march and strikes against Drone Attacks. She formally joined PTI on Waziristan long march and she was elected as a vice president in intra-party elections. She is also member of party central executive committee.

Election Experiences in 2013:

Ms. Ayesha argued that she was given party ticket for women quota on merit. She does not believe on the culture of recommendations. Anyhow, she was selected as member national Assembly without competition based on reserved seats, along with Nafeesa Khatak.

Challenges & Objectives:

She stated that, ‘although politicians face challenges while running their election campaigns, nevertheless being highly educated, female members of PTI face less challenges and pressure comparatively’. While explaining the way she overcomes challenges and her tactics to face those challenges, she said unlike other MNA’s, the MNA of PTI are very humble and modest. Ayesh Gul said her prime target, as being a parliamentarian, is to protect public rights and to face every challenge in this regard. The main target of party is implementation of manifesto and she is standing side by side her party to achieve this cause.

My Dreamed Pakistan:

The Pakistan of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam is her dreamed Pakistan whereas a society developed on Islamic principles prevails and raises the status of Islam up to the highest ranks. She wished for a society where women have justice and Pakistani gains respect in all fields of life. Regarding her professional growth in politics she clarified her interest is not in being minister or adviser as she is highly contented with her present status. Recently she has assumed the position of Provincial Information secretary for PTI.
She gave message to nation especially youth that ‘our party is devoted for empowerment, prosperity, and protection of women. It is determined to continue its policies regarding women education and to encourage women in political arena. Pakistani nation has to join hands with PTI for the establishment of new Pakistan’.