Ms. Asia Nasir is member national assembly elected on non-Muslim quota on the party ticket of Jamiat-ul-Ulema Islam (Fazalurehman). She is in formal politics for the last thirteen years.

Motivation to Join Politics:

Asia stated ‘To safeguard the right of minorities and to legislate in parliament to raise the living standard of minorities triggered off me to join politics. Women have to face more difficulties as compared to men. I was keenly interested in social work and actively participated in civil rights activities and that is evident from the trust minorities have on my abilities. All the rights, provided to the minorities by constitution should be implemented. The need of present time is putting into action the ideology of founder of Pakistan regarding minorities with its real spirit.’

Political Career:

My political affiliation is only with JUI (F) since beginning. I had never been attached with any other political party. I have received politics in inheritance. I am elder sister of two brothers. They both are graduates. My father played vital role in my political training due to the fact at present I am representing minorities in the parliament.

Election Experiences in 2013:

During 2013 General Elections, she received party ticket from JUI (F). She credited JUI (F) for the only party that did not receive any funds from candidates and do not give tickets based on personal likings and disliking. Merit and performance is only criterion of receiving ticket in our party. I am in formal politics for last thirteen years and my party never asked for party fund nor have they established such fund. Party offer tickets on the light of recommendations of administrative unit that oversee and nominate candidates.

Challenges & Objectives:

There are several challenges we as parliamentarians are facing now. When an individual is elected as a Member of Parliament, the expectations of the constituents have been raised. Voters asked questions regarding law and order situation, inflation, unemployment, poverty, load shedding, gas shortage, and insists to reply such queries. Public have right to question as parliamentarian are accountable to their constituent.
My prime objective is to make known the vision and guideline of party leadership and to work for alleviation of minorities sufferings, for their development and prosperity, and to secure their rights. It is far hard to work as an opposition. In spite of that, I have drafted many bills in parliament to legislate on increasing minorities’ seats and securing their basics rights. Relevant committees are working on these bills. Committees have given their final recommendations on many bills to table in parliament.

My Dreamed Pakistan:

I dreamed for a peaceful, developed, and prosperous Pakistan. There is no need of new Pakistan. Just there is need to remove problems from existing Pakistan. I have seen three governments and worked as an opposition as well. I have also played significant role in public accounts committee and I am still its member.
Encouraging women in all field of life including politics is need of time. If women consist of 50 % of population than they should advance in all sphere of life. There is need of genuine and practical legislation, keeping in view the ground realities, to remove the hindrances on the way of women. Nation and youth can play a vital role for the development of country. It is imperative for government, civil society, and private institutions to play their part at all level by equipping youth with modern and up to date knowledge of present world and to make them role models for others. Our youth can change the fate of country and nation. Minorities’ have played crucial role for the prosperity and betterment of Pakistan that cannot be ignored as well.