1. Local council Grant Committee

Local Council Grant Committee is an important institution that will make recommendations for the transfer of funds from Provincial Governments to District Governments. In other words, it is the new edition of Provincial Finance Commission. The committee will perform following functions:

  1. The amount of grant going to different local councils from Provincial Consolidated Fund
  2. Formula for distribution of Local Councils Grant among local councils in the province
  3. The amount of special grants with modalities and conditions for local councils
  4. Grants in aid to local councils in need of assistance
  5. Matters relating to local councils finance




Finance Minister Chairperson
Secretary Finance Member
Secretary Local Government Member
Secretary Planning & Development Member

2. Divisional Coordination Committee

A divisional Coordination Committee shall be formed to improve coordination amongst local councils within the division.




Divisional Commissioner Chairman
Dy Director Local Government Secretary
Elected Mayer of Metropolitan Corporation Member
Chairman of District Councils Member
Chairmen of Municipal Corporation Member
Heads of all Nation Building Departments of Provincial and Federal Government Member
Collector of District Member
Representative of workers (1) Member
Representative of Peasants (1) Member
Representative of Women (1) Member
Members of National Assembly (from the Division) Observer (Not member)
Members of Provincial Assembly (from the Division) Observer (Not member)
  1. The Act does not define the Nation Building Departments of Federal Provincial Governments. It will give an opportunity to provincial government to send any number of members to this Committee.
  2. Committee is headed by a government officials (bureaucrat) rather than the people’s representative. It is against the spirit of democracy and devolution of power.
  3. The committee also has elected Mayer of Metropolitan Corporation as its member. With there only one Metropolitan Corporation in whole province (i.e. Quetta), the law is not clear that whether he/she be the member of all the Divisional Coordination committees.

Decision Making: By majority of vote

Quorum: one-third of the members


  1. Coordination of the activities including the Development Plan of all Local Councils and all nation building departments in the Division;
  2. Settlement of disputes amongst Local Councils in the Division;
  3. Levy of surcharge to
    1. Any official, servant or member of the local councils on account of any loss, misappropriation, or misapplication of money or property belonging to local council
    2. Property tax
  4. Under Section 104 and 113; and
  5. Consideration and recommendation of the taxes proposed to be levied by District Councils, Metropolitan Corporation, Municipal Corporation or Municipal Committees.
  6. Scrutinize, authenticate or sanction the budget of the Local Councils.

Joint Committee

A Local Council may join any other Local Council or Local Authority in appointing a Joint Committee


Any purpose in which such Local Councils or Local Authorities are jointly interested


The local councils or local authorities may delegate to such joint Committees any power which may be exercised by it including the power to make bye-laws for conduct of its business.