The rigging in elections has become the popular notion more than that of democracy. Everybody from youth to old, men, women, educated, less educated, and illiterate persons all talk about rigging whenever the debate at hand is election or democracy. The rigging is so common a conviction that citizens seems disillusioned as well as disenchanted with democracy. The major argument goes what is the need of voting when our vote does not count and someone steel our mandate through rigging?
Citizens’ indictment about elections rigging is quite justified however citizens’ persistent argument of electoral process as vulnerable to fraud is erroneous on the ground that any inconsistency in electoral procedures can be rectified through citizens’ active engagement in elections. If citizens are well aware of the electoral processes, for example understanding the legal framework for the conduct of elections, the functioning of election management body (Election Commission of Pakistan aided with state institutions such as NADRA, State bank, FBR, Judiciary, Security Forces and others), moralities and legalities against vote buying, regulations of political finances, they can play their role against rigging. Citizens can play their role in two ways; first, they by understanding as well as following electoral processes can establish rule of law and set example for each other. Second, citizens can report violation of code of conduct of elections to concerned authorities. Citizens can also pressurize government for reforms in electoral processes and implementation of existing laws in letter and spirit.

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