Democracy is the most essential and fundamental element for managing the affairs of society systematically. Democracy and participatory governance are popular political patterns in the modern world. In a broader sense democracy encompasses the leading features; fair and free election process, supremacy of the constitution, the rule of law, and freedom for the people. In other words democratic state must practice the principles of equal citizenship irrespective of religion, caste, ethnicity and regional background. It must also ensure equality of opportunity to all for advancement in social, political and economic domains and guarantee security of life and property to its citizens.

well democracy is right public have to choose their system government by themself, to change their life, no one force to choose your heart and i thing its our freedom free right to voting to elect representatives to a parliament and democracy is also word of a chance for the the voters have to choose their one and they will change your life, its a very expensive change for every human being to take part and give their valuable contribution by voting ,,

It is fact that democracy is the major constituent for social, political and economic development.

It is not that Swiss and Swedes are inherently blessed with greater honesty and integrity than Pakistanis. But actually difference lies in the institutions, laws and work procedures.

well why we all alway choose government in democracy defination because its is by government but we didn’t thought also for the government people actually

and actually democracy is flop in pakistan because of specific reason,, but if we go for over all view then let start from the beggining

democracy in pakistan
it came in to being in 1947 in pakistan government found by quaid-e pakistan
Pakistan and India was the largest ancient human civilisations in many countries because of their culture and development istorians and social scientists observed indus valley, has great system of standard architecture, civic controls, consistent grid layouts and uniformed sanitary facilities.historian suggest indus valley to Pakistan as possibly the earliest cradle and model of democracy; one which was based on a “rule by the people..

and actually and unfortunetly democracy is flop in pakistan weak political system in pakistan right after pakistan independence day and that was not stooping but infact its was just going so fast and corruption was on its peak that because the result came out of enforcement of martial law across the country (occurring in 1958, 1977 and 1999, and led by chief martial law administrator-generals Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf
till 2013
Pakistan did not experience even one democratic transfer of power from one democratically elected government that had completed its tenure to another.
and if we came on topic of international day of democracy then

United Nations General Assembly resolved to observe 15 September as the International Day of Democracy—with the purpose of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy—and invited all member states and organizations to commemorate the day in an appropriate manner that contributes to raising public awareness
The word democracy comes from two Greek words: demos, which means “the people”, and kratein, which means “to rule”.

The ultimate goal of democracy is to preserve and promote the dignity and fundamental rights of the individual, achieve social cohesion and justice, foster economic and social development to ensure social stability and well-being. democracy of pakistan and international day of democracy is came into being by UN

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