To implement the National Action Plan for COVID-19 disease, a number of committees have been set up by government of Pakistan. These committees are responsible for the health security surveillance, detection and prevention mechanism. However, it is concerning that these committees are dominated by men with negligible representation from women.

Incorporating women’s voices and knowledge could be empowering and improve outbreak preparedness and response. Despite the WHO Executive Board recognizing the need to include women in decision making for outbreak preparedness and response, there is inadequate women’s representation in national COVID-19 policy spaces.


Committee Male Members

Women Members


Emergency Core Committee for COVID-19 15 1
Committee of Scientific Taskforce on Covid-19 6 1
Control Room Balochistan 9 0
Response Committee ICT 68 5
Response Committee Punjab 62 7
Response Committee Sindh 9 1
Response Committee KP 52 1
Response Committee Balochistan 62 1
Total 283 17


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