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This paper discusses issues like the relationship between democracy and good governance and how does this relationship play out in Pakistan. Specifically, how can the performance of the current government evaluated from March 2008 to March 2009 based on the criteria of god governance and democracy. Based on the examples of Singapore and Dubai, good governance does not require democracy. On the basis of Indian example we can conclude that democracy is not even a sufficient condition to ensure governance; in fact, democracy is a ‘cost’ on good governance. In Swat, in order to enforce peace and stability and bring about some form of governance, the system of governance of those who were elected democratically, had to be replaced by a system of governance related to those who did not take part in the elections. Perhaps there was some impression of good government without democracy under military authoritarianism in general perception. Yet, Pakistan had numerous serious problems afflicting it, probably exacerbated under a military government.

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