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On the basis of the Examples of three countries, Singapore, India and Dubai, given in this publication, we might even be led to assume, that democracy and good governance are not necessarily related or dependent on each other. Clearly, the relationship between good governance and democracy is far from obvious, and in the case of Pakistan, probably more complex and complicated than that of many other countries. This short paper has tried to untangle some of these issues. In Swat, in order to enforce peace and stability and bring about some form of governance, the system of governance of those who were elected democratically, had to be replaced by a system of governance related to those who did not take part in the elections i.e., sharia in some form had to be enforced in order to stop bloodshed in the area. This paper shows how difficult and complicated the concepts, definitions, contexts and relationships of governance and democracy are, generally, but particularly with regard to Pakistan. It evaluates the performance of government after a single year in office, especially one which has emerged from and into the conditions that are prevailing. Perhaps there was some emergence of good government without democracy under military authoritarianism in general perception. Yet, Pakistan had numerous serious problems afflicting it, probably aggravated under a military government. The fact that two of the most important ministries – Finance and Interior – are being run be un-elected advisors, is a sad comment on democracy and governance standards. Most economists agree that problems in Pakistan’s economy were aggravated by mishandling of the economy by the government. The paper also describes the Complicated Relationship of Democracy and Governance in Pakistan. Two of the most important pre-election promises of most political parties, which have far reaching implications on some elements of governance and democracy, have been avoided or reneged by the government: repeal of the orders and amendments related to the 17th Amendment and the November 3, 2007 Emergency. A key argument in this paper has been that politics dominates both governance and democracy, particularly in the context of Pakistan where the military, and increasingly ‘jihadi’ outfits, call the shots.

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