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This paper highlights problems related to the political interference in police matters and its disconnect from citizens of the country with reasons & consequences. Police forces in Pakistan suffer from criticism for their inefficiency, and allegations of corruption and politicization. As a result, the service delivery, governance and the performance of the Police forces have been dissatisfactory. This report argues that since the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, no real significant progress was made to reform and restructure the Police. However, in 2002, the Government headed by President General Pervez Musharraf passed the Police Order 2002 to establish a politically neutral, highly accountable, operationally autonomous, and extremely professional Police force. The devolution of powers to the Provincial Governments as per the 18thAmendment to the Constitution created confusion in the implementation of the Police Order. It suggests the provincial Governments to take serious action in streamlining their policies and working towards upholding and implementing the Police Order 2002.The Ministry of Interior (National Police Bureau) should establish the National Public Safety Commission. The Federal Government should establish an independent Federal Police Complaints Authority as per Articles 97-102 of the PO 2002. It provides feedback and suggestions for provincial governments. It opines that Successive civilian and military Governments have undermined the law and misused the state machinery. This has resulted in ineffective service delivery and poor governance.

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Publication Link Police, Politics, And The People Of Pakistan