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This is the briefing paper that explains the changes brought about by the 18th amendment and the 7th NFC awards in the context of the relations between federation and provinces. The briefing is based on views of politicians. Rana Muhammad Iqbal, speaker Punjab assembly, believed it to be critical for MPA’s to understand the new demarcation of Provincial assembly’s role in the light of 18th amendment. Mr. Shahid Hamid, the former governor Punjab said that consensus on 18th amendment is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. It has brought about a change and concurrent list has been abolished. Now both provincial assemblies and parliament can make criminal laws. Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq explained the concept and implications of the 7th NFC awards and said that it would help them serve people in a better way. Under the 18th amendment the federation and provinces would expand their tax net to improve revenue collection. Mr. Sartaj Aziz , was of the view that both the 18th amendment ,the NFC and civil-military relations are of great importance. The constitution without amendment reflects maturity of the society. He suggested the provinces to develop a medium term budgetary framework to increase their implementation capacity. Senator S.M.Zafar suggested that the 18th amendment would make the provinces stronger leading to a stronger federation. He hoped that public will keep provincial governments accountable to improve their performance.

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