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This paper is prepared especially for the Citizens Group on Electoral Process CGEP. It looks at the powers and functions of the ECP in an attempt to answer the question: How Independent is the Election Commission in Pakistan? It mentions Brief History of the Election Commission, requirements to be The Chief Election Commissioner, his functions and powers, The Election Commission of Pakistan, Assistance to the Election Commission, The Present Election Commission, its Administrative and Financial Autonomy. Powers and Authority of The Election Commission of Pakistan with the following details. 1. Powers of the Election Commission 2. Executive Authorities to Assist the Commission 3. Conduct of General Elections, 2002 4. Action against Delinquent Officials 5. Alteration in Election Programme 6. Certain Offences Triable by Officers Authorized by the Commission 7. Power of the Commission to Punish for Contempt 8. Polling Day and Post-polling Actions

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