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This is analytical publication about women’s political participation during 2008-13 General Elections. The paper states that in GE-2008, there were approximately 564 female polling stations (80% in KPK), where women were reportedly not given permission to cast vote. Ironically, multiple opposition to female vote was witnessed here including the tribes people, religious and political parties’ members. The paper argues that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), in coordination with civil society organizations started awareness raising on women’s political participation in these areas before the General Elections of 2013. However, the outcome of these efforts cannot be assessed due to unavailability of polling station level results, therefore this paper stress the need of publishing polling station specific data, which is normally documented in Form XVI of the ECP. Otherwise it would be impossible to assess the results on gender basis.

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Publication Link Constraints in Women's Political Participation: Analysis from General Election 2008-13