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PILDAT Report on Assessing Internal Democracy of Major Political Parties of Pakistan has been prepared by analyzing eight (8) major political parties of Pakistan. The objective behind PILDAT’s assessment of internal democracy of political parties is to contribute to improved awareness on state of democracy within political parties of Pakistan. This paper emphasis the quality of democracy within political parties as an influencing instrument to the overall quality of democracy in the country. The report also carries a Score Card on internal democracy of major political parties. While carrying out this assessment, PILDAT is mindful of the fact that the political parties of Pakistan have been subjected to persecution during repeated spells of Martial Law – parties were outlawed, their bank accounts blocked, their leaders jailed, party officials forced to abandon their parties and join those enjoying official patronage. These authoritarian measures have not allowed political parties to grow into strong institutions nurtured by democratic traditions. People’s association, in most cases, to political parties is through the popular and strong leader. The purpose of this report is to help political parties in identifying weak areas and to promote a healthy discourse on the need for democratic structures within political parties. This is necessary for the growth of parties as strong political institutions in their own right instead of being shadows of their founders or leaders.

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