1. Political Finance is important it outlines how much money is spent on elections,where it comes from, and it signals how broad, what kind and how deep the candidate’s support is.
  2. Political expenses can be caused by: election campaigns run by candidates, candidate committees, interest groups or political parties
  3. Involvement of money, i.e Political finance is important because,
    1. Money is required for operational activities.
    2. Reaching out the electorates.
    3. Publicity of activities, policies, manifestos, programs, introductions, contests for nomination or re-selection of parliamentary candidates, training activities for party activists, officeholders or candidates, policy development by parties or party related bodies, current operations of party organizations at the national, regional or local level and efforts to educate citizens with regard to popular initiatives, ballot issues or referendums.
  4. Considerable funds are mobilized for campaigns worldwide – it is important to know the source to control unwanted influence and to set limits to ensure a level playing field.
  5. Regulating political finance in order to ensure the transparency, fairness and integrity of electoral processes.