1. The spending limits for political parties and candidates is not realistic.
  2. Spending limits need to be based on economic indicators. Limits set in 2002 are no longer relevant or viable in today’s economy.
  3. There are no spending limits on the amount of donations that a party is allowed to accrue.
  4. No law in Pakistan sets limits on political parties’ expenses or requires them to declare expenses Campaign expenses.
  5. No ceiling has been fixed for the campaign expenses of political parties.
  6. Vote buying and bribery is likely to happen if there is no law requiring candidates to report the amounts and sources of their income.
  7. There are no laws on the amount and source of donations made to contesting candidates.
  8. There are no laws to regulate party expenditure on electoral expenses.
  9. There are no laws for full disclosure of the income of candidates or how and what they spend on for elections.
  10. In Pakistan the law is silent on the contesting candidates accepting donations from foreign interests.