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Election 16 December 2016

The final phase of the local government elections on reserved seats has been completed in the Punjab. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan People Party participated in the final phase of election. In most of the cities of Punjab, the ruling party candidates remained successful and ready to formulate government at local level. It may be mentioned here that the PML-N candidates have already been elected unopposed on reserved seats for youth, technocrats and labourers in the provincial metropolis, while polling on 25 seats reserved for women and 10 seats for non-Muslims held here on Tuesday in the city. According to the unofficial results of the election commission, Pakistan Muslim League has won ten seats reserved for minorities in the city. Meanwhile as announced results, Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz has also won twenty four seats out of twenty five reserved for the women for Lahore city. Aneela Baig Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate was declared successful for women reserved seat. The name of the winning women candidates are, Kauser Javed, Perveen Qamar, Summera Nazir, Khutajha, Rehana, Zarqa, Sumera Ahmad, Zahida, Shama, Tahira, Uzma Imran, Furkunda, Umera Aslam, Mumtaz Naseem, Sumera Liaqat, Ferzana Adeeba and Aqeela. The name of the three winners for the technocrat seats are Colonel Sarfraz (Retd), Fiaz Akhtar, and Mian Aslam. According to the unofficial results of the Punjab Election Commissioner, Azhar Farooq, Hasnain Tariq, Zahoor, Nazir Swati and Gulam Hussain were declared successful for the workers seat nominated by the Pakistan Muslim League. Ahmed Saeed and Shahzad were announced winner for the youth reserved seat.

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