Women in Elections (WiE) is a central online portal for women in elections that is interactive; and provides a one-stop destination for information that pertains specifically to women's rights and electoral and political participation. This online resource (launched in March 2020) aims to help multidimensional stakeholders ranging from women, researchers, journalists, academia and politicians to overcome challenges they face when trying to access reliable, neutral and informative voter and civic information. WiE is housed on the PakVoter portal that was launched before 2013 General Elections. Pakvoter is the first online forum to provide impartial information on Pakistan's elections and is a trusted resource on elections and electoral processes throughout Pakistan. This Quarterly Newsletter will update the valued friend of WiE about the major developments and content posted on WiE Portal.

Women Political Leaders

Women Leadership

To aspire our potential leaders and women across Pakistan, this section gives a glimpses of renowned women political leaders across the world. You can view the profile of great women world leaders and take inspiration from their life long struggle. You can also see the quotes of world-famous women leaders about elections and democracy.

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Women as Candidates

This section leads you towards a comprehensive database of women political personalities of Pakistan. One page is be dedicated to each women politician. This page covers the basis facts about the politician, her performance in different elections, her political achievements, and party affiliation during the career Click to know who is who in Pakistani politics.

Voter Information and Education Resources

Women in Elections tends to become a one stop resource for all information related to women participation in electoral process and their political rights. The multiple sections of the website contain information and education material for women voters.

WiE Blog

WiE offers a platform, where our visitors can contribute a blog on different issues related to democracy, women's electoral rights, gender mainstreaming or different political issues related to women in Pakistan. If you want to write a one, WiE will publish your blog

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News Monitoring

If you have missed any news related to legal developments, women rights, child rights, minority rights, gender mainstreaming, COVID-19, you just need to visit our news monitoring section. By applying simple filters of date, thematic area or political party you fetch all relevant news of your requirement.

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The quiz section provides two type of quizzes. One is daily quiz, the other is weekly quiz. These quizzes help website visitors to broaden their understanding of the political development, election laws and democratic and electoral history of Pakistan with respect to women. You can access this multiple-choice question here.

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WiE COVID Highlights

Outbreak of this global pandemic encouraged WiE to bring out the stories of our women frontline heroes, who are serving in different capacities in this critical time. WiE has created a separate section of COVID-19.

Awareness Raising

WiE has developed Information, Education and Communication material both in Urdu and English, in order to raise awareness about prevention and response regarding COVID-19.  This section also contains Myths and Facts about COVID, Tribute to Frontline Fighters, and Role of women in emergency response. These materials were widely shared on our social media platforms with more than 180,000 followers.

Stories of Change

WiE took initiative to bring about the stories of our women doctors, paramedics, police Officers and politicians, who are serving at the frontline.

Their Interviews about pandemic, their services, challenges and motivation are being aired on our Youtube, website and social media platforms.

Apart from that profiles of women leaders serving in government departments; and leading COVID response are also highlighted at WIE.


Audios & Videos

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