By Abbas Malik

Pakistan is a country where every human being is a political expert. The entire country is extremely politicized. Whether we’re in our villages, homes, on the street, at work, on Facebook or on twitter, we are always discussing politics. This is irrespective of age, occupation or financial status. Keeping this in mind, we can safely conclude that everyone wants the country to progress and prosper in peace.

Pakistan has been in a bad state for years. Governments have come and gone all saying the same thing yet no government did anything to get Pakistan out of the poor state. Prior to elections 2013, the state of the country was so poor that it made the people realize that they had to take a stand and be the change you wish to see in Pakistan. This led to people realizing their role in voting and the power they possessed in making a change happen.

During the elections 2013 there was more focus on in creating awareness about the role of voter. Campaigns were targeted in electronic and social media to get people out of their homes and vote. The youth played a decisive role in voting this time around. According to the stats revealed by the media, more than 60 percent of the people came out to vote compared to the 40 percent in the 2008 elections. This is more than enough to realize that the people of Pakistan were ready to bring about a change and change the course of the country. This should be kept in mind that elections 2013 process was threatened by the extreme groups and blasts at the gathering of political parties was a big threat to general people who were ready to vote. But the turnout was huge. The people were happy almost as if believing that the change they wanted was here. The elections 2013 result was not as people had expected, especially in a city like Karachi but the positive side of the part was that people came to vote.

Now, We already have a new government running in and things don’t seem to be different than they were in the last government. We can only hope that the new government will make its upmost effort to stabilize the country and get rid of diseases like corruption.

Pakistan Zindabad!
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