PakVoter Quiz: Feb 2018 - Political IQ .
Test your knowledge of Pakistan's Politics in a 5-min quiz of 20 questions and 100 marks in total. Share your test result on Facebook or Twitter. Get your certificate when you pass the test or retake it if you don't.

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Pakistan withdrew from CENTO in
When was Pakistan People’s Party established?
When Simla Agreement was signed?
Who suspended the Constitution of 1973?
East Pakistan became an independent entity in
The Legal Frame Work Order, which amended a constitution of Pakistan unilaterally was issued by
When did General Zia Impose Martial Law?
Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan was leader of
On 7th August, Muhammad Ali Jinnah left India for the last time and flew to
Under 1956 Constitution, Parliament was?
Under which constitution of Pakistan, there was no concept of council of common interest
Party which raised objection to the Objectives Resolution in the first constituent assembly was?
Who was practically running the administration of the country after the death of Quaid-e-Azam?
The 68 member first constituent Assembly comprised?
Who was the first President of the constituent Assembly?
Total members of first Constituent Assembly was?
Which was the important bill passed by the first constituent assembly?
The Basic principles committee formed in 1949 issued its first report on?
Under the 1962 constitution, central and provincial legislatures had vast powers and they could only be challenged in?
In the 1962 constitution, the cabinet was responsible to?