Mr. Muhammad Atif is member Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly PK-30 (Mardan VIII), elected at the party ticket of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf. Currently, he is minister for Elementary & Secondary education of KPK. Regarding his unique background in politics, he stated, ‘My family members have no concern with the Politics but most of my near relatives have strong affiliations with different political parties. In my whole educational career I contributed to work as class representative even in group discussions, in debates and at co-curricular activities and my role was always accepted and esteemed as best representative. My Teachers also assigned numerous difficult/complex tasks as challenge. By the Grace of Almighty Allah and due to my parents’ best wishes I always get ride over the situations. After finalizing education, I started social work from District Mardan. My friends and near relatives motivated me to join political party but due to the worst experience/practice of all the leading classes I could not decide to join. At last, the voice of change by my party and the demand of the community strongly motivated me to participate in the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI). I started my Politics from provincial level.


Motivation to Join Politics:
I always visualized Pakistan as strong Islamic Republic state. Our leader Mr. Imran Khan’s eagerness and zeal Interest for the upward mobility/advancement of country stimulated/refreshed me to link proper/ceremonial politics. I stood extremely aroused with the visualization plus enthusiasm of Imran Khan and therefore I signed up in politics with the intention of reforming prevailing dogmatic/radical patterns of my constituency.

Political Career:
The sincere party workforce selected me as President of PTI for Peshawar Region and Central Joint Secretary of the party even in my absence. I certainly not contributed in formal politics earlier, PTI is my pioneer political party to start my career as politician, and I have been elected as a member of Provincial Assembly from the platform of PTI from PK-30.

Election Experiences in 2013:
Due to the transparent party elections, i was first elected the President Peshawar Region and then Central Joint Secretary of the party. Beyond this, party workforce braced me to acquire party ticket for contesting election. Though, Praised to Almighty Allah I was economically secure to run the election campaign. My party also maintained me and offered with great support. I advised youth to never discourage or disappoint. They must ensure effort with great enthusiasm and spirit, whereas leaving results on God. The election campaign remained according to the clear party guidelines and party workforce co-operated a considerable role to compose my election campaign effective.

Challenges & Objectives:
I did not face any specific challenges throughout my political campaign as my constituents were in complete favor of a positive change. However, after being elected, we young electorates have to face some challenges such as the behavior and response of senior colleagues of parliament, who felt reluctant to show respect and provide support to the newly elected parliamentarians. This behavior of senior parliamentarians was obstacle in learning the rules and regulations, traditions and code of the conduct of the parliament. However, with the passage of time, realizing the enthusiasm and keenness of the new comers, the senior members have started giving due respect. Initially the expectations of the constituents were very high; they were expecting to provide them all basic public facilities like change of heavy electric appliances, stress on frequent transfers of officers/officials, streets repair etc. Though I clarified them that providing employments and other basic facilities was not the job of parliamentarians. It was a very tough assignment (to attain constituents realize that).

My Dreamed Pakistan:
My dreamed Pakistan is a strong, progressive, sovereign Islamic Republic state with good educational institutions, universities, provision of all basic facilities to the masses, and flourishing of industries and employment as compared to other regional and developed countries. I stressed the need of youngsters to perform their responsibilities with honesty and dedication. They should never dampen the spirits and leave the ultimate result and reward with God.