Democracy was once considered a phenomenon that meant that, it was a government that was organized for the people, by the people and of the people. Today, Pakistan remains a paradox in the world. Democracy alone has been one of the biggest factor that plunged back Pakistan from the heights of justice, national growth and better economy for the poor class. The providence of democracy in Pakistan has only been injustice, questions on national solidarity and the show of power of the elite. Alas! How wrongly do we strive to build and maintain this nation?
There was a time when Pakistan was considered a respectable country. Today, our politicians are famous for getting loans and literally asking for money from other nations. The value of Pakistan’s green passport is standing in a line that is manifested with hate and remorse. The countries that follow Islam as obediently as the Pakistanis do consider us as animals that would bark and bite all the time. Why is that a few politicians who have no respect of their blood, their family, their nation get to shape the image of Pakistan.
The answer is democracy, in Pakistan this democracy is made up by the most vicious people, for the ignorant people and of the inhuman people. Since the past six decades, crime grew, justice reduced, the elite got rich and the poor commit suicide. Can people not see that it is this democracy, which has brought the people of this nation to their knees on the commands of a few bullies? These bullies are made by the people of Pakistan, under influence or ignorance remains a mystery. This nation was built on the basis of Islamic Law, after more than 60 years we don’t even have democracy let alone the blessed law of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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